Welcome to Kalathil Trading

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Welcome to Kalathil Trading

High-Quality Spices You Can Trust

Welcome to Kalathil Trading

High-Quality Spices You Can Trust

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Kalathil Trading, from the lush hills of Palakkad, Kerala, brings you the essence of India’s culinary heritage. We’re not just spice traders; we’re passionate purveyors of flavor, aroma, and tradition. Since 2020, we’ve been handpicking the finest whole spices, betel nuts, and black pepper, delivering them around the world.

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Mannarkkad areca nut market

The Mannarkkad areca nut market is one of Kerala's largest and most vibrant areca nut markets. It is located in the town of Mannarkkad in Palakkad district. The market is a hive of activity, with farmers, traders, and buyers from all over the state and beyond. Arecanut is traded in bulk, with prices determined by quality, size, and weight.

Manarakkad areca nut market follows the oldest trading method, “The Mandi System”.The mandi system refers to a network of physical marketplaces where farmers bring their produce to sell to licensed traders and commission agents. The mandi system has played a significant role in Indian agriculture for decades and continues to be an important part of the lives of millions of farmers.

Arecanut is a major cash crop in Kerala, and the Mannarkkad market is important to the state’s economy. The market provides a platform for farmers to sell their produce at competitive prices and helps ensure a steady supply of areca nuts to consumers.

From the earth to your table, we deliver the flavors that ignite. (evokes the journey of spices and their impact on culinary experiences)


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